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    Hikoi planned over Maori seats


    Hikoi planned over Maori seats Empty Hikoi planned over Maori seats

    Post  Waireka on Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:48 am

    Auckland Maori are planning a march in the city to protest the Government's plans to not set aside seats for Maori on the proposed Auckland super council.

    Hundreds met today at the Orakei Marae meeting house to discuss the potential loss after the Government rejected a Royal Commission's recommendation that Maori have three council seats.

    Maori Party MP Hone Harawira said a hikoi protesting the situation was a good way to make a non-confrontational statement.

    "Where better to start than in the city that hosts the greatest population of Maori people in the whole wide world?" he told Radio New Zealand.

    The Maori Party has expressed its opposition to the stance of its National Party political partner, but party leader Pita Sharples insists the issue has not strained the relationship.

    Mr Harawira said with a relatively small representation in Parliament, it would always be a case of "winning some and losing a lot more".

    "There's no sense in crying about it. You get on with the business of doing whatever it takes to win, and if don't win then you look at other ways to change people's minds."

    Mr Harawira said Prime Minister John Key was pragmatic, and intelligent enough to realise turning the decision around would be a positive move.

    H e said it was not his job to organise the hikoi, but he would support those who had called for it and offer suggestions about plans for managing it.

    There was no fixed date for the hikoi, and guessing potential numbers of people participating was difficult.

    "You never can tell just what's going to happen if it gets into the hearts and minds of Maori people that this is a way to make a statement without being nasty," he said.

    Protests and meetings about the issue would happen at all levels in coming days weeks, and the hikoi was only part of it.

    "We don't want to be nasty, we just want to celebrate the fact that we've always been here and would like a seat at the table."

    Hikoi planned over Maori seats Empty Re: Hikoi planned over Maori seats

    Post  relict on Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:05 am

    Hope it has a positive outcome.

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