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    Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found


    Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found Empty Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found

    Post  Athena on Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:04 am

    Two bloody white gloves were found under Stephen Bain's bed, the High Court in Christchurch has been told.

    Former Detective Sergeant Milton Weir said he found the gloves under Stephen's bed base on June 22, 1994.

    Both gloves were heavily bloodstained. The right hand glove appeared to be inside out although the left hand glove was not.

    The Crown alleges Stephen's brother David Bain discarded the gloves in Stephen's room as he murdered Stephen, 14, and four other members of his family on June 20,1994.

    Today is the last day of the third week of the trial and also the day on which the accused celebrates his 37 birthday.

    Weir said the room showed a "horrendous fight" had taken place in it. He also found two spent shells under the bed.

    In other evidence Sergeant Trevor Thomson told the court a lens was found on June 23 about 8.49pm in Stephen's bloodstained room.

    The lens was underneath a skate boot, he said.

    As exhibits officer he had noted both items. The lens was also photographed in the position it was found.

    Both Detective Sergeant Milton Weir and Detective Constable Jacques Legros were also present in the room, he said.

    The lens has become one of the major issues in the Bain case.

    The frame from which the lens came and the other lens from the frame were found in David Bain's room on a chair.

    A bullseye target was found in the Commer van used by Robin Bain.

    Legros today told the trial he had seen a target under jumper leads in the sink of the van on June 23 when he conducted a cursory examination.

    The jury was shown a photograph of the sink containing the target and other objects. The target had concentric circles leading to a bullseye.

    To questions from Helen Cull QC, Legros said he had noticed holes in the target.

    He said he could not comment on suggestions from Cull that the target had not been photographed separately and that it had not been seized as an exhibit.

    He was not in charge of photographs and did not seize the target.

    Legros also said he had no recall of a being directed to a bloodied hair on a sweatshirt in the van.

    The defence argues that Robin Bain, 58, killed his family and then took his own life.

    Previous evidence has been that a target with five rough red circles the size of saucers was found in David Bain's room.

    David Bain, who turned 37 today, is charged with shooting his family on June 20, 1994.

    The only sign he was celebrating his birthday today was a bundle of four birthday cards which were handed to him by Cull before the trial began.

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    Post  Tikva on Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:38 am

    Just wondered if you think that David Bain is Guilty or Not Guilty?

    Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found Empty Re: Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found

    Post  master5o1 on Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:44 am

    Hasn't he already served time for being guilty...

    So if he's found not guilty, does he get compensation (oh wow how are we going to pay that in this shitty economic time we must be nuts to care about his welfare and shit hes my hero *goes buys gun attempts to shoot family during paperround*)

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    Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found Empty Re: Bain trial: Bloodied gloves found

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