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    Oh man! It's coming along real well now!


    Oh man! It's coming along real well now! Empty Oh man! It's coming along real well now!

    Post  master5o1 on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:56 am


    My latest change to my website. It's coming along nicely now.

    Basically, every few months (where few is likely to be between 3 and 12) I radically change the site (ok, so this is the most radical yet). This time I chucked out everything and went with a template frup made ages ago, added a comment script that I have had my eye on for ages, and hacked away at building a AJAX based Blog system.

    Now I've got permalinks working (somewhat) properly I can use them like pages more than blogs (and interblog linking through {{id}} replacement). Here's an example permalink which brings me onto some awesomeness of a story:


    This links to the details on the Distributed Story (some original content that I'm managing) that involves several writers to make contributions (hence 'distributed').

    If you are interested in writing a contribution for this story send me a PM and DO NOT read the story itself (you're not supposed to know the contribution before you).

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