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    Post  master5o1 on Tue Apr 14, 2009 7:22 am

    Simplicty is so much Simpler in simple.wikipedia.org

    When something is simple, it is very easy to understand or do. The opposite is hard or difficult. Simplicity is the measurement of how simple something is.

    * 2+2 is a very simple sum (an easy sum).
    * Boiling an egg is very simple (very easy).

    Simple can mean something that is only made up of a few parts. It is not complicated:

    * A bicycle is much simpler than a space ship.

    Simple can mean that something or someone is humble (lowly) or common:

    * He lives very simply. "Simple living" is a way of life. It uses the ideas of Henry David Thoreau or Epicurius or Diogenes as its moral goals. Simple living says that a person needs only few and basic things to be happy.

    Simple can also be used to refer to someone who's mind thinks in a very simple way. Calling a person "simple minded" is usually rude.


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